Aikido Inspired Approach - Solutions Emerging Through Understanding

How can Aikido be incorporated into intercultural relationships?

Aikido - a way to reconcile the world Often mistaken for just another martial art or sport, Aikido can be translated "The Way of Harmony"

Aikido is a martial art that utilizes harmonious movements and minimal muscular effort to resolve conflicts. We utilize all available energies, even the opposing ones; the strength does not come merely from within our bodies but rather, coalesces from all sources. Our bodies align with the incoming forces, our energy blending in to the opposing energy. Aikido challenges our understanding of strength and power not just in the classroom but in all life situations. We must allow understanding to emerge as we learn new ways of leveraging relationships to understand and resolve conflicts.

Aikido requires flexibility. Flexibility not simply in physical terms but more importantly, the ability to understand, perceive and respond to each moment, particularly in rapidly changing situations. In aikido, this rapidly changing, improvisational practice is known as Randori or "Jiyu waza". In this practice, there are no rehearsed katas, you do not know how the attacker will attack. Each attack demands a unique, spontaneous response - a solution emerges based upon your understanding of the principles of Aikido. This approach is identical in everyday cross cultural situations. Beyond learning principles and solutions, you must to be flexible in your application of these principles - solutions emerge.

Aikido requires intense and constant training to refine the senses and receptivity; the primary automatic response to conflict must become the appropriate Aikido response. Aikido students train regularly, both mentally and physically, to perfect their skills. Again, this approach must be mirrored in everyday life; human relationships are fluid, not static and require constant refinement. One's understanding and skills must be constantly refined and honed.

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