Aikido Inspired Approach - Solutions Emerging Through Understanding

What is Aikido?

Often mistaken for just another martial art or sport, Aikido can be translated "The Way of Harmony"

  • "Ai" means harmony. The strategy of Aikido is to harmonize with and utilize the attacker's energy. The goal of Aikido is to obtain peace in the presence of conflict.
  • "ki" best translated, is an unseen force or energy. It is the energy that exists both in harmony and in conflict, the energy which can be harnessed from the conflict to achieve the harmony.
  • "do" means path or way. A 'Do' is not a sport; Aikido is a pathway to harmony and peace.

After studying several martial arts, Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969) formulated the techniques of Aikido. "Osensei", as he is known to Aikido practitioners, saw Aikido as far more than the sum of its parts; he saw Aikido as a true path to peace. When the teachings at the heart of this martial art are embraced, assimilated and incorporated into intercultural relationships, the mind is opened and the possibility of truly harmonious relationships become a reality.

What then are some of the central teachings of Aikido and how could a martial art be incorporated into intercultural relationships?
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