Individually Designed and conducted coaching to develop and enhance your core competencies

We support international executives, expatriates and employees in developing an intercultural mindset for an improved international performance. Each coaching package is individually tailored to assist our clients in forging effective solutions for reaching their objectives.

Who would benefit from our individualized coaching sessions?
Our target clients include:

  • Business executives responsible for strategic endeavours with intercultural aspects; these would include cross cultural negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, integration processes following M&A, and redefining corporate cultures in the process of global change.
  • Regional, area or line managers experiencing the challenges of integrating the different cultural orientations into their managerial functions and operations.
  • Marketing and sales managers requiring intercultural 'know-how' to fulfill their responsibilities; this required knowledge may include border crossing negotiations, designing and implementing marking mix activities extending into different cultural settings and aligning culturally mixed work teams
  • Human resource managers responsible for the development and training, of the employees, towards intercultural competence with the purpose of improving the employees' 'fit' into the overall framework of the corporation's global corporate objectives, strategy and culture.
  • International professionals supervising or directly involved in intercultural projects, negotiations and work teams.
  • Professionals, executives and team leaders exploring solutions to existing 'hot' issues in their current international assignments.

How can coaching benefit our clients?
Our dynamic interactive process will result in:

  • Enhanced cultural self-awareness- appreciation of the influence that one's own culture has upon their world outlook and their actions.
  • Sharpened skill in identifying, analyzing and evaluating situations arising from different cultural orientaions.
  • Development of the capability to shift perspectives, discover new options and reconcile cultural differences toward a common objective.
  • Increased adaptation and performance when working in different cultural environments.
  • More effective communication with overseas clients and colleagues
  • Augmented credibility with international counterparts
  • Enhanced team leadership and management skills in all areas
  • Enriched cross-cultural relationships