Aikido Inspired Approach - solutions emerging through understanding

Country Specific Sample continued ...

Pre-departure preparation program - for expatriates and their families

III. Behavioural and communication rules towards a
          culturally sensitive adjustment:

  • Focus on the "needs to know and respect"
  • Simulations and critical incident analysis
  • Planning help for a successful entry process
  • Guidelines for a successful Communication and Interaction:
  • etiquettes
  • taboos
  • gender issues
  • religious issues

The Arab / Islamic culture poses a most significant and fascinating challenge for business people and their families relocating to the Middle/Near East. This basic program aims at facilitating the expatriate's adjustment process and providing them with critical 'must know' information along with the cultural orientation tools to maximize the chances of success in their assignment.


This program is held over a 3 day period and is a condensed version of a 8 day program. The 8 day program entails a more detailed approach to the various items of the sections I-III sections and includes more elaborate simulation games, role-plays and individual exploring methods