Intercultural Synergies - Overview and Mission

Often, cultural myopia and the lack of cultural competency are key reasons for failures of intercultural interactions. In visual myopia, the affected individual is frequently unaware of its existence until they are presented with 'glasses' and a true world view. Similarly an individual or organization with cultural myopia may not even be aware of the condition causing the delayed projects, the cancelled contracts, the miscommunications and the increasingly frustrated employees. A crucial prerequisite to sustained success in today's global business world is overcoming this cultural myopia; coming to a recognition and understanding of the need for cultural awareness and sensitivity. Overcoming this cultural myopia and developing cultural competency becomes one of the most exigent requirements of working globally. Work, management, and communications styles can vary significantly across cultures, businesses, and functions. What is effective in one culture may be ineffective, or even inappropriate, in other cultures. How can one navigate this seemingly patternless maze and succeed across cultural boundaries?

Our mission is aiding the development of a level of awareness, sensitivity and competence sufficient for the client to confidently and successfully navigate the complexity of today's global business world. Whether the client be an independent individual, executive, team or organization, we focus on supporting them in the process of leveraging cultural diversity and in the ongoing development of effective interactions across international and cultural boundaries. Our objective is to ensure our client's success in intercultural settings, and, in the case of organizations, to restore balance and harmony within the organization so that it can thrive and even exceed expectations in the future.

At Intercultural Synergies we dedicate our unique intercultural skills and extensive experience to assist our clients, in effectively managing the challenging diversity of cross cultural interactions, guiding them through the maze of barriers and pitfalls, towards sustained success.We will provide you with the solid foundation, analytical framework and repertoire of tools and skills necessary to become culturally sensitive, confident and competent. We will support you as you apply your emergent understanding in your dealings across international and cross cultural boundaries.

We support our clients in leveraging cultural differences, enabling them to benefit from the synergies emerging from a dynamic and enriching interaction process. Based on an analysis of your specific needs, we develop a consulting and training framework focused on in-depth treatment of those needs. Various tools and methods are carefully chosen and incorporated into the process; these include interactive exercises,role-play, critical incidents, case studies, and simulation games. The sessions may be a combination of consulting, coaching and training - an interlinked, complementary continuum of emergent understanding.