Blake - "In every voice, in every ban, The mind-forg'd manacles I hear."

Cross cultural coaching, training and consulting = Enhanced Intercultural Interactions

Our Approach:

  • Evidence Based Coaching
  • Culturally sensitive perspectives
  • Globally oriented techniques
  • Utilization of experiential tools
  • Incorporation of Aikido principles

Intercultural synergies 'synergizes'. We act as a facilitator and catalyst, expiditing the client's development of acceptance and equitableness towards cultural differences. We utilize proven experiential tools, inspired from a melding of Evidence Based Coaching and the principles of Aikido; with these, we assist you in stimulating the mind's flow, breaking up the mind's own manacles allowing for an open and flexible mind set. ....

Open minded approach to Intercultural issues Our approach is based on the premise that win-win solutions evolve when the foundations of all interactions are an open mind and a panoptic outlook.


Problems become opportunities for growth Therefore, problems become actual opportunities for change and growth, both personal and corporate, rather than obstacles to be overcome.

Intercultural conflicts are often symptoms of larger issues Our solution focused approach assists you to focus on solutions and desired outcomes rather than problems; problems are addressed interactively towards a solution.


New relationships are forged New relationships
are forged as barriers are broken and breaches bridged, revitalizing both the individual and the organization.


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  • Development of a new mindset and an intentional life approach.
  • Complementary, harmonious interactions with infinite impact
  • Regenerative techniques, not text book solutions
  • Realisation of attainable and sustainable goals
  • Rejuvinated and enhanced Global Leadership competencies