Blake - "In every voice, in every ban, The mind-forg'd manacles I hear."

Intercultural Synergies - Philosophy and Approach

Intercultural Synergies 'synergizes'. We act as a facilitator and catalyst, expiditing the client's development of acceptance and equitableness towards cultural differences. We utilize proven experiential tools, inspired from a melding of evidence based coaching methods and the principles of Aikido; with these, we assist you in stimulating the mind's flow, breaking up the mind's own manacles allowing for an open and flexible mind set. In order to achieve a stronger sense of intercultural awareness we create circles of understanding and harmony, constituting the essential conditions for effective and rewarding cultural exchanges and connecting you with the potential benefits resulting from cultural diversity.

Our approach is solution focused; it is based on the premise that win-win solutions evolve when the foundations of all interactions are an open mind and a panoptic outlook. Problems, therefore, are considered opportunities for change and growth, both personal and corporate, rather than obstacles to be overcome; looking forward to desired outcomes and solutions, you uncover your true potential. New relationships are forged, as barriers are broken and breaches bridged, revitalizing both the individual and the organization. Executives and support staff begin to harness the power of a flowing decision making process no longer shackled by ineffective and inappropriate 'textbook' solutions. Solutions emerge.

In an interlinked framework, a continuum of coaching, training and consulting, we offer support to both the individual and organizational levels. Whether through individualized coaching or group training sessions, we offer a personally-tailored, solution-focused, confidential learning alliance. This alliance allows emergent understanding to come to fruition as you begin the process of leveraging cultural diversity.

In this process you will develop a mindset that not just acknowledges cultural differences but rather, honors them thereby achieving a harmonious synthesis of differences. In this fragile, ever changing world, harmony is not a one time achievement; it is an ongoing day by day process that requires a constant re-evaluation of the current circumstances and conditions.

We are dedicated and uniquely skilled to engage with your organization on a profoundly interactive level, facilitators in your individual and organizational change; ours is a uniquely sensitive and effective method for achieving intercultural competence.