Interlinked Continuum  -  Intercultural Consulting, Coaching and Training

To agree or believe you agree, intellectually and/or theoretically, with the ideas and ideals of intercultural accord is insufficient to genuinely accept other world views as true, viable alternatives. Rather, understanding must be instinctual and emotional as well as intellectual; this understanding is acquired through real life experience not just intellectual exercise. Whether your current focus and needs are intraorganizational, interorganizational or extraorganizational, we can offer structured support and guidance to assist your development. Our core services include:

Cross Cultural Coaching Coaching

We offer support to Globally Mobile Leaders, Bi-cultural executives and expatriates as they develop their intercultural competencies and strengthen their international performance. Each intercultural coaching package is individually tailored to the client's needs guiding them as they discover and implement effective solutions to their specific objectives.

Cross Cultural Training Training

Intercultural Synergies offers a fully customizable complement of interactive Culture General (Global) or Culture Specific training options and programs tailored to support you, enabling you to be more effective in today's global markets. The training sessions focus on both uncovery and discovery; uncovering the barriers and discovering the solutions which will work for you.

Cross Cultural Consulting Consulting

Intercultural Synergies offers a comprehensive consultation service to assist global organizations in the development of cultural competency; assisting you in the discovery and examination of the gaps or missing links in your global strategies, then supporting you as together we prepare and implement a new strategy for you and your organization.