Leveraging Cultural Diversity - reconciling people and cultures

Intercultural Team Building and Project Management

In today's markets, more individuals are working with and in multicultural teams and international projects both in their own countries and abroad. Cultural differences, if not considered and strategized for, may hinder communications; whether in person or over distances via video-conference, telephone or email cultural difference must be considered.

The objective of this training is to promote understanding of different ways of thinking and working as well as to develop strategies to cope with each other successfully.

This training covers topics such as:

  • motivating across cultures
  • power and roles
  • the processes of cooperative decision making
  • coping with information
  • the concept of time

Interactive team building exercises will assist in the analysis of strengths of the team members as well as enabling you to determine the existing weaknesses. Through analyzing these existing weaknesses and difficulties and applying learned strategies you will create an atmosphere of awareness and sensitivity within the group; this in turn will facilitate improved communication