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Biography of Wahid H. Sharaf
             - your partner for Intercultural Synergies

Wahid Sharaf your partner for intercultural synergies

Wahid H. Sharaf, a resident of both Egypt and Switzerland, has over three decades of experience working with a variety of global companies, most with bases or significant activity in the Middle East. His long experience in the field of global marketing has given him the insight needed to ensure sustained success in culturally diverse contexts. Born in Switzerland to a Swiss mother and Egyptian father and living bi-culturally, he truly understands this diversity. Intercultural Competence Coaching is more than a career choice for Wahid; it is a calling.

Wahid is certified in Evidence-Based Coaching by the Fielding Graduate University in California, and is accredited by the Internation Coaching Federation at the ACC level. Other qualifications include Intercultural Coach & Trainer from lnstitut für lnterkulturelle Didaktik in Germany; Brief-Individual Coaching from Weiterbildungsforum in Switzerland; and Conflict Management & Mediation from the Trigon Institute in Germany. Wahid holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Babson College in Massachusetts and, he is fluent in German, Swiss German, French, English, and Arabic.

As a marketing executive in a number of high-profile Swiss corporations, Wahid became a leader in business negotiation with companies in the Middle East and Far East as well as the rest of Europe. He personally oversaw the creation of multinational partnerships and fostered new sales and marketing opportunities. His diverse industry experiences - across banking, agro-chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, and engineering - have made him a versatile and resourceful advisor to his clients.

As a consultant and coach to executive teams of many international corporations, Wahid developed endeavors and solutions that promoted effective cross-cultural interaction between his clients and their culturally diverse markets. Leveraging cultural differences, his clients have become able to maximize success in a wide variety of complex circumstances. Building bridges between European, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets became second nature for him. Blending his broad industry and cultural knowledge with a 30-year martial arts journey enables Wahid to form a unique approach to cross-cultural competence coaching. Incorporating the philosophies of martial arts, especially Aikido, into each day has shaped his outlook, his thought process, and his service delivery as a consultant and an executive coach.