Aikido Inspired Approach - solutions emerging through understanding

What makes Intercultural Synergies the right choice?

In one of the most 'misquoted' lines ever written, Rudyard Kipling states that "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,". How unfortunate that more people have not learned the latter part of this quatrain. Why is it that it is so much easier not just to learn the lines, that east and west shall never meet, but indeed to embrace them as evidentiary truths in our lives? What does it take to become one of those "strong men" standing face to face without cultural barriers? At Intercultural Synergies we are dedicated to helping you become that man or woman.

Intercultural Synergies - maintaining balance between cultures

What makes us different?

  • Evidenced Based Coaching
  • Real life multicultural experience
  • Aikido Inspired Experiential Approach
  • Development of Renewable Emergent Strategies not preconceived solutions
  • Ongoing support not a 'one time' consultation, coaching or training session.

Who we are is one of the primary reasons for choosing Intercultural Synergies. I have not just learned about the issues and barriers to cross cultural relationships, I have lived them. My experiences on 4 continents are an integral part of our approach. My life, as reflected in my biography, is a testimony to the reality of sustained, successful intercultural relationships.