Leveraging Cultural Diversity -  reconciling people and cultures

Cross cultural coaching, training and consulting = Enhanced Intercultural Interactions

Intercultural Synergies offers a continuum of intercultural executive coaching, training and consulting. We merge intercultural research and knowledge, with Evidence Based Coaching and the principles of Aikido, to provide you with a unique approach, tailored to meet your specific needs on both individual and organizational levels; the goal ... enhancement of your Global Leadership Skills.


Globally Mobile Leaders, Bi-cultural executives and expats each require unique skillsets. We assist them in leveraging cultural differences so they achieve maximum benefits from the synergies which emerge via a dynamic and enriching interaction process.

Do you feel culturally challenged? We will equip you with the solid foundation, analytical framework and repertoire of tools and skills necessary to become culturally mindful, confident and competent.


Do you feel isolated and frustrated? As your understanding emerges, and you apply your epiphanies in dealings across international and cross cultural boundaries, your sense of isolation and frustration will diminish.

We will endeavour to continue our support via ongoing newsletters and workshops.