Leveraging Cultural Diversity - reconciling people and cultures

Cross Cultural Communication Workshop

Culture is the dominant aspect of every human interaction. The culture may be an actual geographic based ethnic culture or an adopted/learned situational or behavioral culture such as the currently popular 'ghetto culture'. Communication between individuals of different cultures demands a desire to communicate. Presuming that desire is present, the individuals desiring communication now must develop an understanding of the other culture, its norms, its values - the core of its being. Through this understanding, solutions will emerge.

Our Cross Cultural Communication Workshop, assists you to:

  • Focus on the different communication styles and patterns.
  • Develop an appropriate communication repertoire as well as specific presentation skills to enhance the communication effectiveness
  • Understanding of and preparation for, the various cultural parameters influencing the flow of negotiations and communication

These cultural parameters include:

  • decision making processes
  • organizational principles
  • attitude towards risk taking
  • time management