Leveraging Cultural Diversity - reconciling people and cultures

Merger and Acquisition Integration

The success of cross cultural mergers and acquistions, are contingent upon how the organizations' leadership teams understand the process of blending and amalgamating the different, and often diametrically opposed, organizational cultures. In this process, it must be recognized that each culture is rooted in its own societal environment - each cultural environment and its mores must be respected to fully leverage the value that each represents.

Complicating this process are language issues, religious issues, moral value issues and a myriad of others; there is no common framework to operate within. Corporate culture models become insufficient and oftentimes inappropriate as they tend to presume that all parties are operating within the same social norms.

We will assist you throughout the merger and acquisition process:

  • Developing key personnel in preparation for the merger
  • Understanding the societal norms of the other group or groups involved
  • Learning to respect the cultural differences even when they are opposed to your own - avoiding undeeded conflict
  • Preparation for the business environment in the new culture
  • Conflict resolution