Leveraging Cultural Diversity - reconciling people and cultures

Intercultural 'Corporate Support Personnel' Management

An international interface environment, has become the norm for many corporate support personnel. Personal and team assistants are often called upon to communicate, in person, via correspondence or through electronic means, with foreign business partners and clients. This 'first line' of communication often has significant impact upon not just the success of the project in process but upon the overall success of the corporation. Additionally, their performances can either enhance or detract from the corporations image in the international marketplace.

Intercultural Office Management Training is designed with these target employees in mind; employees who assist your international corporate specialists in an international interface environment.

This seminar addresses:

  • differences in written and verbal communication styles between cultures
  • the effects of cultural influences on translations
  • respecting telephone protocols
  • respectful, effective, written correspondence
  • avoiding misunderstandings when hosting foreign delegations
  • predicting and preempting critical situations