Leveraging Cultural Diversity - reconciling people and cultures

Region/Country Specific Training

Our programs and workshops are also available in a format designed to focus on specifically targeted regions and countries to provide the core skills and knowledge required to successfully manage the cultural diversity within those targeted areas.

With materials tailored to the language skills of the participants and designed to emcompass both the base country and the destination culture, we offer programs to cover the following topics:

  • Basic Region/Area Specific Training
  • Doing business in and with the target culture
  • Cross Cultural Communications and Cross Cultural Negotiations
  • Project Management in the target culture
  • Joint Venture Management
  • Executive Coaching in preparation for working in and with the target culture
  • Cultural exploration workshops - half day workshops designed to explore traditions, cultures and business etiquette in various countries and regions

As stated above, training is conducted to encompass both the base country and destination culture. Additionally, the needs of the individual participants are also considered; materials are tailored to the language skills of the participants.