Galileo - "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."

Intercultural Synergies is committed to assisting companies in developing intercultural competence required to achieve successful and viable intercultural internationalization processes. Utilizing an inclusive, process oriented approach, we offer support in various phases and areas. These areas extend from the strategic conceptualization, to the planning and development of the relevant and culturally compatible human resources, to the operational level of marketing specific tasks. We can assist our clients with the development of appropriate solutions to the challenges arising from cultural diversity with interventions on various levels including:

Over two thirds of international ventures fail due to cultural differences. To truly succeed in today's global market requires not just a recognition of cultural differences but an actual paradigm shift. As our cooperative consultation continues, you will develop a strategy towards this metamorphosis - a new global strategy for you and your team. Coaching and training are the logical next steps in implementing your global strategies.

Interactive simulation games Based on an analysis of your specific needs, we develop a customized framework focused on in-depth treatment of those needs. Various tools and methods are carefully chosen and incorporated into the process; these include interactive exercises, role-play, critical incidents, case studies, and simulation games such as the "Five Cultures game". The sessions may be a combination of coaching, training and consulting - an interlinked, complementary continuum of emergent understanding. Services can be provided in several languages such as German, English and French. Additionally, we offer the option of having the sessions conducted at your own facilities. Location requirements are determined by the nature of the program, needs of the client and number of participants.