Individually Designed and conducted coaching to develop and enhance your core competencies

Training Variations offered by Intercultural Synergies

Intercultural Synergies offers a fully customizable complement of interactive Culture General (Global) or Culture Specific training options and programs tailored to support you, enabling you to be more effective in today's global markets.

  • Managing Diversity - Improved behavioural competence, trained perception and awareness, understanding of the background of the culture and intelligent self-management assist in avoiding many conflict sources ...
  • Cross Cultural Communications Workshop - Culture is the dominant aspect of every human interaction. The culture may be an actual geographic based ethnic culture or an adopted/learned situational or behavioral culture ...
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration - The success of cross cultural mergers and acquistions, are contingent upon how the organizations' leadership teams understand the process of blending and amalgamating the different, and often diametrically opposed, organizational cultures.
  • Intercultural 'Corporate Support Personnel' Management - This 'first line' of communication often has significant impact upon not just the success of the project in process but upon the overall success of the corporation.
  • Intercultural Team Building and Project Management - The objective of this training is to promote understanding of different ways of thinking and working as well as to develop strategies to cope with each other successfully
  • Region/ Country Specific Training - The above programs and workshops are also available in a format designed to focus on specifically targeted regions and countries to provide the core skills and knowledge required to successfully manage the cultural diversity within those targeted areas.

Our Online Training Center will be launched soon. If you are interested, please contact us and will will provide you with more information

Interactive simulation games Based on an analysis of your specific needs, we develop a customized framework focused on in-depth treatment of those needs. Various tools and methods are carefully chosen and incorporated into the process; these include interactive exercises, role-play, critical incidents, case studies, and simulation games such as the "Five Cultures game". The sessions may be a combination of coaching, training and consulting - an interlinked, complementary continuum of emergent understanding. Services can be provided in several languages such as German, English and French. Additionally, we offer the option of having the sessions conducted at your own facilities. Location requirements are determined by the nature of the program, needs of the client and number of participants.